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 Hello, and welcome to Nasser's home page! I hope you enjoy your stay

 here and please come back again. If you see any thing that you did not

 like on my home page, or if you have any suggestions or comments,or even 
 questions, please feel free to let me know! (Don't forget to sign my 

 Guest Book please) And if you want to know more about me, go to my Profile

 below. Thank you. 

  NOW GO AHEAD AND HAVE FUN....................>>>.  



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Here is some useful links:

Islam : Every thing you could think of !!!! cool.
Saudi Arabia (new): The real site ! ! ! !
Games: 1000's of FREE games.
Arabic Daily Newz: Get all the Arabic newz papers right when they come out!
Tampa Bay : A City Guide
Free Email.: Very cool Email that you can check from any where!
Bahrain TV: (Requires REAL PLAYER)
Oman TV: (Requires REAL PLAYER)
Tunisian TV: (Requires REAL PLAYER)
*MAGIC*: Belive it or not ! Magic on the Internet !

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